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1 events: 18.07.2024 - 29.07.2024

The first acts for jazzopen 2024 will be announced at the end of October.

The Festival Pass „Kombipass Stehplatz“ includes:

  • Standing area access to every concert at the Honorary Court of the Old Castle (24th-29th July 2024)
  • Standing area access to every concert at the Old Castle (18th-22nd July 2024)
  • Standing area access to every concert at BIX Jazzclub and SpardaWelt Eventcenter (18th-29th July 2024)
The pass is transferable.

Price: 800 €

Ordering a pass is even easier now: select the desired pass and seat in our online shop directly and order. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at info@opus.live or by phone at +49(0)711 509900.

Be fast – the number of passes available is strictly limited!


Transferable admission to every jazzopen concert

Visit every jazzopen concert with the jazzopen „Kombipass“! The pass includes standing room admission to all concerts on the four main stages (Schlossplatz, Altes Schloss, SpardaWelt Eventcenter and BIXJazzclub) during all festival days (18 to 29 July 2024). The festival passes are transferable and include a significant discount compared to the purchase of individual tickets.

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Thanks to its top-class acts and around 50,000 visitors from many countries, the jazzopen are one of the most important festivals of its kind in Europe and enjoy the recognition of artists and connoisseurs of the music scene alike. The main stage of the festival is the Honorary Court of the New Palace in the heart of Stuttgarts city centre. The other stages are located in the arcade courtyard of the Old Castle, at the SpardaWelt Event Centre and the BIX Jazzclub. The two eponymous terms „Jazz" and „Open" characterize the central musical orientation of the festival: jazz as the integral and fundamental part of the festival is juxtaposed with adjacent musical genres such as blues, soul, rock and pop music on an equal footing.

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