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The Cat Empire
Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, The Cat Empire is a versatile band that feels at home in a multitude of music genres. They masterfully blend elements of hip-hop, jazz, funk, rock, and reggae into an electrifying musical fusion. The band deliberately avoids categorization, constantly surprising listeners with fresh sounds and style combinations.

In 2009, the core members included Felix Riebl (vocals, percussion), Ollie McGill (keyboard, recorder, melodica, saxophone, piano), Ryan Monro (bass), Will Hull Brown (drums), Harry James Angus (vocals, guitar, piano, trumpet), and Jamshid Jumps Khadiwhala (turntables, tambourine).

Their journey began in 1999 when Oliver McGill, Felix Riebl, and Ryan Monro started gaining recognition through small gigs in Melbourne. By 2001, the lineup expanded to include Harry James Angus, Will Hull Brown, and Jamshid Jumps Khadiwala. Their musical palette featured a wide range of instruments, from traditional drums, guitars, and keyboards to unconventional choices like recorders, saxophones, trumpets, and pianos.

The Cat Empire rapidly gained recognition in Australia, particularly through their distinctive live performances. In 2003, their debut album, "The Cat Empire," instantly climbed to the 15th position on the charts. Their fame extended globally, leading to performances in various locations, including San Francisco and Edinburgh. Starting in 2004, they began making regular appearances in Germany, including notable festivals like Rock am Ring and Rock im Park.

In 2005, The Cat Empire secured the top spot on the Australian charts with their album "Two Shoes," and their 2007 release, "So Many Nights," reached the second position. While their albums, such as "Cinema" (2010), "Steal The Light" (2013), and "Rising With The Sun" (2016), enjoyed success, the bands true forte lay in their high-energy live shows. In 2013, they performed a total of 70 shows across four continents.

The bands lineup is as diverse as their music, often featuring additional musicians. The Empire Horns, composed of Ross Irwin (trumpet), Carlo Barbaro (saxophone), and Kieran Conrau (trombone), frequently join their performances.

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The Renaissance arcade courtyard of the Old Castle provides a unique atmosphere for unforgettable concert experiences. The Old Castle in Stuttgart will be the main stage for the first 5 days of the jazzopen from 18 to 22 July 2024. High-quality greats of jazz, blues and soul music will be presented here and there will also be room for adjacent genres, true to the motto: be jazz, be open.

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