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The Lehmanns Brothers, known for their intense rhythmic performances and fusion of jazz, hip-hop, nu-soul, and house, have gained recognition for their unique sound influenced by James Brown, Jamiroquai, The Roots, and A Tribe Called Quest. Opening for renowned artists and performing at major festivals, they released EPs like "The Youngling, vol.1" and "The Youngling vol.2," showcasing their energetic and borderless appeal. Each band member, including Julien Anglade, Dorris Biayenda, and Alvin Amaïzo, explores diverse artistic endeavors. Influenced by funk legends, they aim to reinvent seventies jazz-funk with their compositions, rejecting covers. Originating from Angoulême in 2012, the bands 2023 album, "The Playground," signals a new era in their dynamic, blending dreamlike and urban funk. The album, set for release on the 10H10 French label, reflects the Lehmanns Brothers commitment to innovative and percussive music.

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